Grafis version 11 for Windows

Grafis is pattern construction, grading and marker maker software. The software is used in industry, theaters and schools across the world. It can be used for both mass and custom manufacturing.

Grafis was invented by Dr. Kerstin Friederich in Germany. The application is continuously developed by the innovative team of Grafis in collaboration with several companies of the industry, trade and education. As the result of their efforts, updates are released every two or three years. The program is available in various languages.

The software package comes with following optional modules:
Autonester-T, software for automatic marker making,
control of cutters (single and multilayer) in ISO format,
3D Visualisation: from patterns to garments VStitcher 3D Visualisation,
Body measurements and pattern digitizing from a photo: Extraction of body measurements from a photographed silhouette of a specific person and digitizing paper patterns from a digital photo

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