Grafis Pattern Construction

Grafis is solution for clothing industry and it is used widely under industrial conditions all over the world. Freelancers and garment studios are using Grafis for pattern creation, collection development, grading and tailor-made pieces.

Grafis contains software for pattern construction, digitizing and grading and software for making markers (layplanning). Grafis allows the pattern making for standard sizes as well as for measurements of concrete customers (made-to-measure). Grafis contains many basic blocks generated on the basis of measurement charts and construction instructions. Interactive patterns and new interactive tools make pattern development flexible and quick. Design and measurement alternations can be adjusted easily through drag and drop or numerical entry. Patterns can be graded automatically by using measurement charts or in a traditional way by using incremental grading. Patterns and markers can be plotted on all modern plotters or printers and transformed to several data interfaces with other CAD systems. Ready markers can also be transformed to a cutter files (an additional option).

Grafis construction systems
Grafis interactive basic block and modified patterns
Grafis tools
Grading with Grafis
Marker maker

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